Billet Aluminum Oil Pan for 2017+ Porsche 911

Our newest product, a billet replacement oil pan (sump) for the 9A2 engine's factory plastic pan, is just in time. As shops and customers are reporting that the factory plastic oil pans are subject to scraping and damage during normal operation, many will need to be replaced. It is just a matter of time that the plastic pan is subjected to an impact which results in oil loss and engine damage.

Pricing for the billet aluminum 9A2 oil pan is expected to be less than $2000 retail and we are expecting to have them ready for public consumption late Summer 2017. They will feature a magnetic drain plug and the all aluminum construction will provide greater strength and cooling versus the original plastic oil pan, part number 9A2 107 039 03.

Prior model year engines featured an aluminum oil pan which has shown itself to be very strong. LN Engineering offers a larger capacity billet 2.5 quart deep sump for the 9A1 Engine as fitted to model years 2009-2016 on Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models.

As previewed by Autoblog, the 2017 model year Porsche 911 now features a plastic oil pan, rather than the aluminium version previous model years employed.

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