• U.S. Patent Number 9687974 issued for Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit

    In addition to the two patents for the IMS Solution, U.S. Patent numbers 8992089 B2 and 9416697 B2, we have been granted a third patent for the Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit, U.S. Patent number 9687974.
  • Tech Tuesday: What cylinder technologies were used by Porsche in their engines?

    We are commonly asked what kind of cylinders were used by the factory originally on Porsche engines. There were two suppliers - Kolbenschmidt and Mahle. From these two suppliers, several types of cylinders and plating technologies used by Porsche in their engines.
  • New Support Ticketing System

    LN Engineering has rolled out a new enhanced support ticket system to better assist our customers.

    Inquiries are routed to the appropriate department and multiple support agents can respond to your request for support. Our ticketing system lets all support agents see at a glance the whole history of your support request and will assist our staff to continue to provide the highest level of customer service LN Engineering is known for.

    As always, we encourage customers to call our office directly at 815-472-2939 anytime, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST, for assistance.

  • Billet Aluminum Oil Pan for 2017+ Porsche 911

    LN Engineering announces a billet replacement oil pan (sump) that replaces the factory plastic oil pan.
  • IMS Bearing Service Intervals

    If you do not have the service history for your vehicle and the IMS bearing was already replaced when you purchased your car, find the IMSR serial number and use the table below to help determine approximate installation date...
  • Improve your engine oil filtration and reduce wear

    LN Engineering's spin-on oil filter adapter improves filtration and makes oil changes easy again!

    Hi Jake, I own an immaculate 2004 Boxster S which is my first Porsche and was purchased three months ago. I have seen your comments may times on various forums and you seem to be interested in what owners are doing in the “real world” so I thought I would drop you a line. I hope you appreciate the feedback and find my situation interesting. I knew about the IMS issue before I purchased and so I had a plan. I would buy a low mileage Boxster S around the 2003, 2004 age because I wanted the glass rear window and the glovebox, and then have the bearing replaced with a LN Engineering upgrade in time. However, having found and purchased the car my first problem was that I had underestimated how much the IMS issue would detract from my enjoyment of the car...
  • Another hack job strikes again...

    Another hack job strikes again and it's a single steel sleeve. What makes this even worse, whatever shop carried out these repairs had the other 5 cylinders re-honed with an RA finish of 50-60! A stock cylinder has a finish of approximately 3-4 µin. The steel sleeve had the best finish at 15-20 µin. It had no hope of ever surviving. The other cylinders were in dire need of being replaced - the other 5 cylinders were out of round by .004-.005" - wear limit is .002"!
  • Here is the newest oil analysis tool at our disposal.

    Now we have a instant test for evaluating the condition of the oil and if it's time to change it yet. Easy to use, the paper changes color when the TBN (total base number) is low, indicating the detergents and dispersant package is all used up...
  • Is your engine original to your 1997-2008 Boxster, Cayman, or 911 model?

    Is your engine original to your 1997-2008 Boxster, Cayman, or 911 model? Many engines have been replaced due to IMS or cylinder failures, so it's not always known by even vehicle owners if the engine has been replaced. However, it's simple...

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