IMS Bearing Service Intervals

Have you already changed your IMS bearing?

If yes, there is a recommended service interval for your IMS Retrofit (IMSR) bearing.

  • IMSR Single Row: 50k miles or 4 years
  • IMSR Dual Row: 75k miles or 6 years
  • IMSR Single Row Pro: 75k miles or 6 years
  • IMSS (IMS Solution): Lifetime. No further service required.
If you do not have the service history for your vehicle and the IMS bearing was already replaced when you purchased your car, find the IMSR serial number and use the table below to help determine approximate installation date.

Serial Number 2000 5000 9000 12000 17000 22000
Date of Manufacture April 2011 April 2012 April 2013 April 2014 April 2015 April 2016

Notes: Serial number tags were not supplied in kits until mid to late-2010.

Later kits have date codes were machined into IMSR flange, shoulder bolt, and laser etched onto the replacement IMS bearings. Kits sold after January 2013 can be identified by serial number as to when and to whom each kit was sold.

Lastly, LN Engineering keeps a detailed database with information about cars that have had the IMSR procedure carried out including detailed inspection reports for the original bearing, copies of invoices for bearing replacement, and other important information if and when jobs were properly qualified and registered with LN Engineering.

If you call LN Engineering with a vin number or IMS serial number, we can provide detailed technical information in most instances.

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