Scavenge pumps for Porsche® M96 engines

Back in the day, an X51 engine or power adder kit was available from Porsche for your 996. Part of this kit was a tandem scavenge pump which allowed oil to be scavenged properly on the track from both sides of the cam cover. These parts are long since NLA, but LN Engineering offers the BRS Tandem Scavenge Pumps, available for both sides of the engine, something not even available as part of the original kit.

In conjunction with the X51 baffle kit, these scavenge pumps are an alternative to a deep sump or can be used in addition to the added oil volume to help prevent future oil starvation failures on the track.

Bilt Racing Dual Tandem Oil Scavenge Pump Kit Bilt Racing Dual Tandem Oil Scavenge Pump Kit, Banks 1-3, 4-6

Later model engines with the tandem vacuum pump for the brake booster must use an aftermarket brake booster pump (available from Hella as used on many Volvo models).

Boxster/Cayman models are easier to fit both pumps where 996/997 models can be complicated due to clearance issues with suspension uprights, requiring creative engineering to fit both pumps (so only one bank is recommended). This installation is considered an advanced task, so leave this up to a professional as these pumps aren't considered plug and play like the 2 quart deep sump.