Porsche brake pads - front - Pagid RSL 4928

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Porsche brake pads - front - Pagid RSL 4928


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Excellent pad wear rate under endurance conditions, excellent disc life, less aggressive than RST giving best possible brake balance, modulation and consistency of friction under endurance conditions.RSL compounds are developed to comply with latest requirements in endurance racing and in accordance with current ecological standards of the automotive industry.


NOTE: Refer to the drawing and application table for identification purposes. The photo shown is generic and may not represent the actual pad model. Porsche® cars use many configurations of brake pads - before ordering, always check if the pad model fits your car using application list in description below.


  • RSL 1 - Long distance/endurance compound with very good pad and disc wear, as wll as friction stability vs. temperature. Low pedal effort, slightly progressive in-stop behavior but still good modulation.

  • RSL 2 - Newly developed endurance compound based on the RSL1. The friction level bridges the gap between RSL1 and RS29 but with improved pad and disc wear, as well as excellent friction stability vs. temperature. The base characteristics of low pedal effort, slightly progressive in-stop behavior with good modulation have been retained.

Download Friction vs. Temperature characteristics sheet




Ref No.ThicknessMakeModelYearFrontRear
Please check with the appropriate drawing!
4928 28.0 mm Porsche 991 GT3 Cup [PFC brakes 28/26mm] 13 → X  


Additional Information

Brand Pagid
Make Porsche
Model 991 GT3 Cup PFC brakes 28/26mm
Year 2013,2014,2015
Part type Brake Pads

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