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VW Type4 / Porsche 914/912e

ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit for Porsche 914 912E VW Type 2/4

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ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit for Porsche 914 912E VW Type 2/4


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LN Engineering exclusive ARP VW Type 2/4 and Porsche 914 912E cylinder head stud kit. Includes 8 short and 8 long studs, 16 nuts and washers, and ARP lube. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory M12 x 1.75 head studs case threads and does not require inserts to be installed in case as is required when using Raceware RWE-1024 head studs.

Upgraded cylinder head studs are required for all Type 4 engine builds utilizing our Nickies cylinders for optimal head and cylinder sealing.

Note: Currently out of stock. Orders will ship Jan-Feb 2021.

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VW Type 4 Porsche 914 912E ARP Performance Cylinder Head Stud Kit

Instructions and Specifications

Operations Performed During Shortblock Assembly

  • Remove old cylinder head studs from crankcase.
  • Clean the threads in the case with proper thread chase. There should be no binding of the stud when it is screwed into the case by hand.
  • Install the eight studs that go into blind holes with anti-seize lubricant and the eight studs that go into through holes with a non-curing sealant, such as Hylomar or Curil-T, since it allows repositioning of the cylinder head stud later on if required.

Operations Performed During Longblock Assembly

  • After installing cylinders and heads onto the engine, apply the supplied ARP moly-lube to the fine threads of each stud.
  • Apply non-hardening sealant on both sides of the washer, then install washers and nuts as normal. The nuts fit either a 12-point 7/16” or 12-point 11mm socket. Tighten each nut to a “snug” fit with no preload.
  • Tighten all nuts to 14 ft-lb in the following sequence:
    6 4 2 8
    7 1 3 5
  • Tighten nuts again to 28 ft-lb using the same pattern.
  • Tighten nuts to the final torque spec of 32 ft-lb using the same pattern.
  • Repeat above step to ensure that all nuts received the proper preload.
  • Wipe off excess moly lube on studs.

Operations Performed After Engine Break-In

  • Re-torque cylinder heads after first 100 miles to final 32 ft-lb torque spec.


Your head studs are designed to the highest standards and manufactured by ARP in the United States. The threads on the crankcase-side are M12x1.75 and on the head-side are 3/8”-24 and hardware has a corrosion-resistant black-oxide finish.

Cross Reference: 025101147A, 021101147A


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