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Brad Penn

The Original Green Oil

We've been fond of and using Brad Penn Racing, now Penn Grade 1 motor oils, for years. Right about the time the API SL standard came out and ZDDP was reduced in passenger car oils, we found that the old green oil, originally sold under the Kendall GT-1 label and made in Bradford, PA, was the real deal. Although we've worked to develop our own oils, we still carry and offer the Penn Grade 1 "Original Green Oil" for our loyal customers who have a proven track record with these lubricants.

For older engines with higher mileage, the Penn Grade 1 oils may reduce oil consumption and smoking, while minimizing the formation of new leaks our older engines tend to have when switching to semi or full-synthetic oils. The 20w50 viscosity is suitable for aircooled engines and 10w40 is appropriate for watercooled models in warmer climates. Refer to your owners manual for appropriate viscosity ratings for your expected operating conditions and temperatures.

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