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Rennvision's FOCUS ON: M9X Engine Assembly DVD

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Rennvision's FOCUS ON: M9X Engine Assembly DVD



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Jake Raby and Rennvision bring you FOCUS ON: M9X Engine Assembly for Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 M96/M97 Engine Rebuilding

Jake Raby is bringing more than 30 years of his experience with Porsche engines to create this 20 part video series on how to assemble a 3 or 5 chain M9X Porsche engine. Regardless if you're a professional, DIY'r, or enthusiast, this series will teach you step-by-step how to build a M9X engine from scratch to long block form, eliminating the need for incomplete or incorrect factory service manuals and instructions. The box DVD set includes all 20 episodes.

Jake Raby is the inventor and developer of IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution. He is the founder and owner of Flat 6 Innovations, Raby Engine Development, Raby Aircooled Technology, and The Knowledge Gruppe.

FOCUS ON: M9X Engine Assembly was produced by The Knowledge Gruppe and Rennvision. The Rennvision channel is a resource of The Knowledge Gruppe. The Knowledge Gruppe offers specialized training for technicians and enthusiasts who have a desire to learn more about Porsche vehicles, and engines. Classes are based from both online and classroom environments. Online classes provide initial information to enrollees, and provide the necessary groundwork for the enrollee to progress to the classroom & lab environments, where hands on instruction is carried out. This unique method of progressing through the learning experience helps build confidence, while providing a more evenly trained group of hands- on class attendees. Follow Rennvision on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube to catch Jake's latest videos including his series on Bore Scoring.

Flat 6 Innovations, a division of Raby Enterprises Inc. was founded in the early 2000s to support the development and specialized repair for the Porsche M96/M97 family of engines fitted to Porsche Boxster, Cayman and 996/997 series vehicles. Flat 6 Innovations, in partnership with LN Engineering, developed the first engine program to effectively reconstruct and enhance the M97/M97 engine.

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Episodes (20)

1. Stage 1: Crankshaft Carrier Assembly Part 1. 46min. This episode covers the essential items for fitting the crankshaft to the carrier. Also covered are the basics of the main, and connecting rod bearings.

2. Stage 2: Crankshaft Carrier Assembly Part 2 34min This chapter details completion of the crankshaft carrier to be fitted into the bank 1 crankcase half.

3. Stage 3: Assembling Connecting Rods onto Cylinders 32min This episode demonstrates the procedure of "marrying" the connecting rods for the Bank 1 pistons.

4. Stage 4: Cleaning and Prepping the Crankcase for Carrier Installation 21min This episode details the essentials of cleaning the cylinder bores and preparing them for proper assembly.

5. Stage 5: Installing the Crankshaft Carrier to the Crankcase 19min This episode covers the essentials for preparation and fitment of the completed crankshaft carrier assembly into the bank 1 crankcase half.

6. Stage 6: Preparing Bank 1 Pistons and Connecting Rods for Installation 35min This chapter covers the final preparation of the bank 1 pistons with piston rings fitted for assembly.

7. Stage 7: Installation of Bank 1 Pistons into the Crankcase 28min This episode covers the fitment of the bank 1 piston and connecting rod assemblies into the bank 1 crankcase half. This includes a special, modified procedure developed by Jake Raby.

8. Stage 8: Installation of the Front Console and Bank 2 Crankcase Half 58min This episode details a modified assembly order for these components to help the engine builder avoid the common pitfalls associated with carrying out this procedure.

9. Stage 9: Installation of Bank 2 Pistons into the Crankcase Part 1 43min In this episode, Jake Raby shares his method of fitting the bank 2 crankcase half. This modified procedure assists the engine builder with in an error free experience of fitting pistons, piston pins, and circlips. Jake also illustrates the best way for the assembler to check their work using a borescope.

10. Stage 10: Installation of Bank 2 Pistons into the Crankcase Part 2 37min This episode is a continuation of Stage 9 and covers the completion of this part of engine assembly process.

11. Stage 11: Installation of the Oil Sump Components 16min This episode identifies the components for the oil sump noting the differences between M96 and M97 versions followed by assembling components into the sump.

12. Stage 12: Installing Front Console Components 45min This episode changes up the standard assembly order for the front console components to better assist the assembler with processes that are sometimes confusing in factory shop manuals.

13. Stage 13: Preparation and Installation of Cylinder Heads 53min This episode demonstrates the fitment of the cylinder heads to include modified sealing methods and torque sequences for both banks of the M9X engine.

14. Stage 14: Bank 1 Valve Train and Camshaft Installation for 3-Chain Engines 1h 42min In this episode, the bank 1 valve train components are fitted into the cylinder head which include the valve lifter carriers, valve lifters, camshafts and cam cover.

15. Stage 15: Bank 2 Valve Train and Camshaft Installation for 3-Chain Engines 32min In this episode, the bank 2 valve train components are fitted into the cylinder heads, including valve lifter carriers, valve lifters, and camshafts.

16. Stage 16: Camshaft Timing Procedure for 3-Chain Engines 38min In this episode, Jake Raby shares "The Raby method" of simplified camshaft timing for the 3 chain engine.

17. Stage 17: Installation of Cylinder Head Covers and Long Block Finalization 54min Completing the assembly of the "long block" engine, including scavenge pump installation, and fitment of the Rear Main Seal.

18. Supplemental Section 1 - Bank 1 Valve Train/Camshaft Installation and Timing for 5-Chain Engines 1h 33min Jake Raby demonstrates the installation of valve train components into bank 1 and camshaft timing of a 5-chain engine.

19. Supplemental Section 2 - Bank 2 Valve Train/Camshaft Installation and Timing for 5-Chain Engines 11min Jake Raby continues with the installation of valve train components into bank 2 and camshaft timing of a 5-chain engine.

20. Supplemental Section 3 - Installation of Cylinder Head Covers and Long Block Finalization for 5-Chain Engines 49min Jake Raby finishes the camshaft installation and timing by installing the cylinder head covers and other components on the 5-chain engine that comprise the long block.


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