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160F Low Temperature Thermostat Insert for 2009-2012 9A1 DFI Engines

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160F Low Temperature Thermostat Insert for 2009-2012 9A1 DFI Engines


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Professional installation is recommended using a coolant lift system to ensure no air locks in the cooling system.



Did you know the factory thermostat doesn't start to even open until 186.8F and doesn't fully open until almost 210F? This causes hotspots inside your engine that can result in cracked heads and cylinder failures from overheating. Also, little known is the fact that oil temperatures usually run 10-15F higher than coolant temperature in engines equipped with oil to coolant heat exchangers. Installation of a 160F low temperature thermostat lowers coolant temperatures which lowers oil temperatures! Tiptronic cars further benefit from reduced ATF temperatures, resulting in crisper shifts and extended transmission life. All these benefits with no negative side effects like failed emissions testing, check engine lights, or poor cabin heating in cold climates. Our 160F low temperature thermostat is not available from any other vendor and features a calibrated, German-made 160F thermostat. It is calibrated to allow thermostat opening a full 20-25F degrees earlier than the factory thermostat. That means that the the low temperature thermostat is designed to be fully open by 180-185F, allowing for full flow to the cooling system to maximize cooling potential. The thermostat sold by LN Engineering is the only one used and recommended by Flat 6 Innovations and should be installed anytime a new Genuine Porsche water pump is installed, which should be replaced no later than 4 years or 50,000. Higher coolant temperatures can increase thermal efficiency and reduce emissions, sacrificing performance and longevity. This is especially important with the long drain intervals recommended by Porsche (which we do not recommend!). The principle behind lowering coolant temperatures (regardless of application) is that a cooler engine will have higher volumetric efficiency. Lower temperatures will also allow for more timing without detonation since the ECU is capable of changing timing based off of fuel quality and engine operating temperature. This can result in higher horsepower and better fuel economy as well.We recommend using genuine Porsche coolant along with Joe Gibbs CSP (Cooling System Protectant) and removal of the bumper cover to clean out radiators is required to maximize cooling performance at low speeds. Even if you have cleaned out your radiators, please be advised, some late-model cars do not report actual coolant temperature, so some users will not see any visible change in operating temperature when fitted with a 160F low temperature thermostat.


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