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  1. 987/981 BRS Solid Transmission Mounts

    SKU: 117-06

    Replace the non-active rubber or active transmission mounts as found in 986 through 981 with a full solid setup to minimize drivetrain movement and flex. Should not be coupled with a solid engine mount due to harmonics and excessive vibration. Fits all 986/987/987.2/981/GT4 Boxsters and Caymans from 1998-2016.

    Download Installation Quick Guide for 986/987 and 981 cars

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  2. 986 & 987 15mm Axle Spacer Kit

    SKU: 117-07


    This axle spacer kit alleviates the added stresses put onto the axle with the additional camber and track width that comes with race alignment adjustments. The output shaft, that is only help in by a wire clip, will pull out of the transmission. This can tear the seal causing intermix of the PDK and gear fluid, and also disengage the differential. This can cause serious damage on track. 

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  3. 987/981 PDK Cooler Side Mount

    SKU: 117-08


    The PDK Side Mount Cooler is an upgrade to replace to small factory Porsche unit. The additional cooling capacity maintains safe temperature levels to prevent the car from going into a limp mode. The oil to water heat exchanger uses the same inlet and outlet lines as the factory system. Our BRS PDK fittings allowing the cooler to be routed to the provisions on the side of the transmission. The kit tucks neatly next to the transmission to allow the use of factory style exhausts. Our cooler is three times the capacity of the OEM cooler. Please add .5QT to the factory fill capacity.


    *With the addition of a gear pump and other fittings this cooler could be adapted to be used as a gear cooler. Ask us about the necassary components if interested.

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  4. 987 BRS PDK & Gear Oil Cooler

    SKU: 117-09


    Rising temperatures is always the biggest battle on track. Our oil to water coolers keep these temperatures at a safe level. The small factory PDK cooler is replaced with our larger oil to water cooler. The gear side on 987 do not have a gear side cooler which is where much of the temperature increase comes from. Using an external gear pump, the fluid is circulated through the second oil to water cooler. This kit includes sensor ports in each fluid system to monitor temperatures.


    Included in this kit:

    - Cooler Bracket

    - 2 BRS Oil-to-Water Heat Exchangers

    - 2 BRS Heat Exchanger Adapter Plates

    - Mocal Oil Pump

    - BRS PDK Fittings

    - All Necessary Fittings and Hoses


    *This cooler will only fit with BRS Race Exhaust and a select number of other systems. Will not fit with factory style exhaust. Please give us a call with any questions.*

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  5. BRS Billet PDK Transmission Pan

    SKU: 117-10



    When servicing a PDK the OE design requires a complete replacement of the transmission pan which can be very costly over time. Save with our new serviceable pan by only having to replace the inexpensive filter element ! Learn More
  6. Bilt Racing XL Oil to Water Heat Exchanger Kit - Universal Oil Cooler

    SKU: 118-00-KIT


    Large Oil to Water Heat Exchanger Kit (includes Mount Adapter and Fittings)

    Our universal fluid cooler can be used on any make/model for cooling engine or transmission fluids. Requires fabrication of custom brackets and line sets.

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  7. 987 PDK Paddle Shift Kit

    SKU: 119-05


    Get more control over the shifting of your PDK!

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  8. Joe Gibbs Racing DRIVEN 04230 Limited Slip Gear Oil 75W-90 Synthetic, 1 Quart

    SKU: 607-10

    Synthetic 75W-90 Limited Slip Gear Oil utilizes next generation synthetic oil technology to provide consistent limited slip differential performance. Ideal for both clutch type and torsion type differentials, this competition proven formulation utilizes a proprietary additive package that reduces drag, resists foaming and maintains its viscosity under extreme heat and high loads. Learn More
  9. Joe Gibbs Racing DRIVEN DCT 04606 Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (1 Quart)

    SKU: 607-37


    Formulated with advanced synthetic base oils and tested to perform in extreme pressure and heat, while providing shift consistency. It is recommended for use in Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche PDK, Ferrari, Nissan GTR and other vehicles utilizing a dual-clutch transmission. The fluid is compatible with other lubricants designed for dual-clutch transmissions.

    Independent CEC L45 and D5481 testing of the new Driven DCT/PDK fluid versus the Audi/VW/Porsche Group factory fill fluid shows Driven product's viscosity is 4 times more stable tand it meets all of the clutch performance requirements, making it the best choice for both street and track in your Porsche vehicle. Learn more

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