Double Used Oil Analysis Kit (Standard).

Double Used Oil Analysis Kit (Standard).


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SPEEDiagnostix UOA kits are all inclusive - standard or expedited outbound and inbound shipping is included as well as all laboratory processing and reporting.

Standard drain sample kit provides results in 5 to 6 business days. Expedited drain sample kit provides results in 3 to 4 business days

Each SPEEDiagnostix kits includes the following tests:

  1. 1. FTIR Analysis: Used to determine the health of the oil. FTIR provides a modern, accurate way to determine the remaining life of the oil. FTIR replaces traditional TBN tests and provides much better insight into the health of the oil.

  2. 2. Spectrometal Analysis: Used to determine type and quantity (in ppm) of wear, contaminants and additive metals in the oil. The report will detail, in parts per million, the wear metals, contaminants and additives in the sample.

  3. 3. Viscosity: The most important property of any lubricant, the viscosity test measures the resistance to flow of the lubricant at 100 degrees centigrade. This test can indicate improper oil, oil oxidation, or contamination with another fluid.


- Unique ID carton
- Unique ID sample bottle
- Nitrile (non-latex) gloves
- Instruction form
- Pre-paid and addressed shipping box (USPS Priority Mail)
- Pre-paid Laboratory processing
- Spectrometal Analysis - Parts Per Million of wear metals, contaminants and additives in the sample
- Kinematic Viscosity of the sample at 100 degrees centigrade
- FTIR Analysis - Oxidation value of the sample
- Detailed sample report that includes reference standards and calculated wear rates  


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Utilizing the same technology applied by Formula 1 teams, catastrophic failure can be prevented by early detection. Our Used Oil Analysis combines modern techniques with expedited processing to deliver valuable data in a timely manner. Make decisions based on data, not speculation. In as soon as 3 days, you can know the health of your engine. Should the engine run another race? Is the oil OK to run another track day? When should I change my oil? We provide data that answers these questions and more, and in a time frame that makes the data valuable. Saving one engine pays for a lifetime of used oil analysis kits. The Double Sample Kit includes everything in the standard 5 day kit, but it does have 2 sample bottles instead of one. These kits are all inclusive - standard outbound and inbound shipping is included as well as all laboratory processing and reporting. This allows two samples to be taken and sent back to the lab for testing. The two samples can be one of the used oil and one of the fresh oil, or it could be two different used oil samples.


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