Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit Kit for MY00-05. Requires tool 106-08.22.

Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit Kit for MY00-05. Requires tool 106-08.22.



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Two rows are always better than one. What if you could put a dual row ball bearing in the place of a single row one? Now you can. Introducing the Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit Kit.


Warranty requires registration and compliance with program requirements. For more information and application guidelines please visit IMS Retrofit website

Make sure you have proper tools for installation! This product requires:

106-08.22 Faultless Tools™ IMS Tool Kit

106-08.13 IMS Pro Tool Kit

Visit IMS Retrofit Installation Tools section for more information.

Download IMS Retrofit Instructions and Warranty form (150kB). If your browser doesn't support online form filling, please right click this link and save the form to your computer first.



With half the load capacity, it is clear to see that the reduced load capacity of the single row IMS bearing is a significant contributing factor to the increased number of failures. Logic would dictate the solution is to reduce the load or redesign using a bearing with more load capacity. Since we can’t lower the load capacity, installation of a dual row ball bearing is the logical evolution for the IMS Retrofit.

Years in the making and developed simultaneously to the IMS Solution, the second generation, patent pending, single-row Pro IMS Retrofit provides an angular contact, dual row ceramic hybrid ball-bearing with 90% more load capacity and like all previous IMS Retrofit kits, additional benefits include reduced wear and longer service life provided by the ceramic hybrid bearing employed by the IMS Retrofit kit.

Make sure you have proper tools for installation. Visit IMS Retrofit Installation Tools section



IMS Pro Tool Kit 
 Supplemental Tool Kit 
M96 Faultess Tools IMS Tool Kit


 - Required - Recommended


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