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Filtermag Oil Filter Magnets

Filtermag Oil Filter Magnets

Every engine with a steel bodied spin on oil filter should be fitted with a FILTERMAG™ to protect your engine from fine ferrous debris that would otherwise pass through your oil filter and cause increased wear in your engine. The FILTERMAG™ oil filter magnet is the easiest upgrade you can add to any vehicle's engine oil system to improve the performance of your oil filter and extend the life of your engine by capturing small wear particles responsible for the majority of wear in an internal combustion engine.

The oil filter magnets used in FILTERMAG™ are special formulation of Neodymium (the Rare Earth element), Iron, and Boron. These Patented Super Magnets are 10 times stronger than ordinary Ceramic magnets and do not lose their magnetic charge with time or when exposed to heat. The unit consists of several independent hard chromium coated magnets that are of opposite N/S orientation. Patented FILTERMAG™ oil filter magnets uses several layers of steel on the back to prevent stray magnetic flux, and to focus the magnetic energy onto the inner wall of the oil filter. It will not interfere with vehicle electronics, will not pick-up debris from the street, or affect electronic signals. Plus, FILTERMAG™ super strong permanent magnets will never wear out or lose their magnetic charge, therefore, you will never need to purchase another. When replacing your oil filter, simply remove the FILTERMAG™ oil filter magnet and re-install it onto your new oil filter.

How effective is your oil filter without an oil filter magnet?

Moving parts operating inside an engine wear and create metallic particles that end up in the circulating oil. Oil filters alone cannot trap these microscopic particles. Conventional oil filters are designed to capture particles in 60 to 20 micron range. Particles smaller than 5 micron and as large as 10 micron will remain in circulation and can cause secondary wear. In fact, particles ten microns or smaller can generate 350% more engine wear than particles that are 10 microns or larger. These particles are small enough to fit between bearing surfaces to continue the wear cycle. Particle-induced wear is greatest when the particle sizes are in the same size range as the oil film thickness. FILTERMAG™ oil filter magnets captures these particles to prevent them from continuing to circulate in engine oil.

Through its strong magnetic force, FILTERMAG™ oil filter magnets attracts and remove ferromagnetic particles from fluid flow that are too small to be captured by conventional oil filter media. By adding a FILTERMAG™ oil filter magnet to your conventional spin on oil filter, magnetic particles of any size are trapped against the interior sidewall of the filter, extending lubricant service life and reducing engine wear. FILTERMAG™ powerful rare-earth magnets trap and hold wear-inducing metal particles smaller than 40-microns down to less than 1-micron that the filter element alone cannot stop.


How do FilterMag Oil Filter Magnets Work?

FILTERMAG’s extremely powerful magnets trap these wear-causing particles on the inside wall of the filter canister removing them from the lubricating oil. Removing these particles keeps your oil cleaner and helps to break the wear cycle, increasing the life of your engine.

A FILTERMAG™ can be fitted to any steel bodied oil filter. On M96/M97 and later 9A1 engines, LN Engineering's Spin On Oil Filter Adapter converts these engines to use a conventional, steel bodied spin-on oil filter, enabling owners to benefit from adding a FILTERMAG™ to their engine for added protection from ferrous wear particles. The smaller the particles, the greater the wear. The finer the filtration, the longer the life. Click here to learn more about the McPherson Graph and how particle size affects wear.