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How effective is a filter alone?

Engine wear creates particles small enough to pass through conventional oil filters. These circulating particles create the most wear. FilterMag captures these particles to prevent them from continuing to circulate in engine oil.

Moving parts operating inside an engine wear and create metallic particles that end up in the circulating oil. Normal oil filters catch particles larger than 25 micron. However, smaller particles pass through the filter and continue to circulate in the oil. These particles are small enough to fit between bearing surfaces to continue the wear cycle.


How FilterMag Works

FilterMag’s extremely powerful magnets trap these wear-causing particles on the inside wall of the filter canister removing them from the lubricating oil. Removing these particles keeps your oil cleaner and helps to break the wear cycle, increasing the life of your engine.

A FilterMag can be fitted to any steel bodied oil filter. On M96/M97 and later 9A1 engines, LN Engineering's Spin On Oil Filter Adapter converts these engines to use a conventional, steel bodied spin-on oil filter, enabling owners to benefit from adding a FilterMag to their engine for added protection from ferrous wear particles. The smaller the particles, the greater the wear. The finer the filtration, the longer the life. Click here to learn more about the McPherson Graph and how particle size affects wear.