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IMS Solution for MY06-08 Engines. Engine disassembly required.

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IMS Solution for MY06-08 Engines. Engine disassembly required.


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Prevent costly engine failure by eliminating problematic ball-bearings or roller-bearings by backdating your IMS with a permanent, pressure fed oil lubricated plain bearing, just like in an aircooled Porsche. This patented design is the last IMS bearing you will ever need. Brought to you by the team that developed the original and often imitated IMS Retrofit™, the IMS Solution is the only permanent solution to catastrophic IMS bearing failures by complete omission of the problematic single row ball bearing and now the dual row ball bearing.

The IMS Solution became the first Patented IMS Retroit product on the market, granted US Patent 8,992,089 B2 on March 31, 2015. The IMS Solution is also protected by US Patent 9,416,697 B2 and US Patent 9,909,469.

Why buy an IMS Retrofit from LN Engineering?

As of 2020, with 35,000 IMS Retrofit and 3000 IMS Solutions installed since 2008, our IMS bearing replacements are the most trusted and used by hundreds of independent mechanics and dealerships worldwide.

LN Engineering offers fast and free shipping and has industry leading technical support. We also an IMS bearing replacement tool rental program, available exclusively to retail customers who purchase their IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution from the LN Engineering website.

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What factory bearing does my engine have?

  • 1997-1999: This engine featured a dual row bearing IMS.

  • 2000-2001: These engines came from the factory with either a dual row or a single row bearing IMS. A single row flange measures 19.27mm deep and a dual row flange measures 13.34mm deep.

  • 2002-2005: This engine featured a single row bearing IMS. Some late production 2005 models will have a non-servicable IMS.

  • 2006-2008: These engines were fitted with a larger bearing, readiliy identifiable by the 22mm center nut, that is not serviceable without a complete teardown of the engine. Removal of the IMS bearing grease seal will ensure proper lubrication of the original bearing.

  • If the engine in your car has been replaced, it will have whatever IMS bearing was in production for that model year of manufacture for the replacement engine.

What can I do about my non-serviceable MY06-08 IMS Bearing?

The incidence of failure with a 2006-2008 M96 or M97 Engine as found in the Boxster, Cayman, and 911 that have the larger (but non-serviceable) IMS is highly unlikely. Best estimate is about a 1% failure rate.

The IMS can be changed but complete engine disassembly is required to safely extract and replace the IMS bearing during an engine rebuild. This kit backdates the IMS housing bore to accept our single row IMS Solution, allowing future servicing if required without engine disassembly.

However, there is some preventative maintenance you can do. When you have your clutch replaced, it's best to have the grease seal removed off the original bearing to allow engine oil to better lubricate it. At that time, you can reseal the IMS flange and have the rear main seal replaced as well.

There is a black plastic seal on the front of the bearing - you would use a dental pick or something similar to pop the seal out of it's groove. Just be sure not to loose it in the engine when you do remove it. We don't have a how-to for this, but I found a short video on YouTube that shows seal removal on a ball bearing.

The larger bearing found in MY06-08 engines has the same load capacity as the early dual row, which have proven to be the most reliable of the factory bearings. I wouldn't worry too much about it after you pull the grease seal. There is no need for a direct oil feed or forced oiling for the factory ims bearing as the bearing will be submerged in engine oil once you have the grease seal removed.

Under no circumstances do we recommend or advise boring out your engine block to allow extraction and replacement of the larger, non-serviceable IMS bearing due to foreign object debris that will be generated and will compromise the engine, leading to premature bearing and engine failure.

Take advantage of free tool rental when purchasing your IMS Solution from LN Engineering

Note: Free basic technical support is provided through our ticketing system. Assistance with the IMS procedure is not provided outside of directives and videos provided online. Advanced Technical Support (ATS) is a paid service where you can speak to an actual technician experienced with the IMS procedure and your vehicle to assist in case you run into a problem you cannot solve on your own.





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