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The Knowledge Gruppe

The Knowledge Gruppe


Jake Raby is bringing more than 30 years of his experience with Porsche engines to create this 20 part video series on how to assemble a 3 or 5 chain M9X Porsche engine. Regardless if you’re a professional, DIY’r, or enthusiast, this series will teach you step-by-step how to build a M9X engine from scratch to long block form. The box DVD set includes all 20 episodes.

Specialized training for technicians and enthusiasts who have a desire to learn more about European vehicles and engines.

Classes are based from both online and classroom environments. Online classes provide initial information to attendants, and provide the necessary groundwork for the attendants to progress to the classroom & Lab environments, where hands on instruction is carried out. This unique method of progressing through the learning experience helps build confidence, while providing a more evenly trained group of hands- on class attendees. Progressive training in this manner ensures that hands- on classes flow well, increasing the amount of content the attendee can absorb during the class. Some attendants will choose to only attend the online classes, while others will wish to carry out the procedures in the hands- on comfort of our Advanced Training Facility.


Lacking these publications, most technicians find themselves looking through pages of workshop manuals to search for fastener torque values that are well hidden; at times they cannot be found at all. This publication makes these fastener torque values quick and easy to find. This book, a reference handbook for the technician, or enthusiast proficient in Porsche repairs, presents illustrations of Porsche 996 / 986 / 997 / 987 subassemblies and their fastener torque values. This directive covers the entire vehicle, including all engines, and transaxles, suspension and sub- assemblies. The format of this book can save the user valuable time on almost every 996 / 986 / 997 / 987 repair task, as each assembly, and sub- assembly is referenced with illustrated parts breakdowns, with each fastener identified, and torque values specified.


The Knowledge Gruppe LLC is comprised of a group of instructors that have extensive experience in their field, and are often experts, inventors, and developers. These instructors all share the common trait of “learning things the hard way” through years of hands- on experience in their field of specialty. These instructors are not just trainers, each spends the majority of their time researching and developing problems in their own shops, and once every few weeks they take the time to share these as instructors for Knowledge Gruppe LLC classes. Put simply, our instructors are real shop owners and technicians/ mechanics that get dirty on a daily basis, and then instruct others the smarter, easier way of getting the job done.