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For US Customers

We've teamed up with Speediagnostix to provide our customers with top-of-the-line Used Oil Analysis. Free shipping, Standard or Expedited turnaround times available.

Used oil analysis provides critical insights into the health of engines, transmissions and differentials. This information is vital for car owners who race or track day their vehicles. Even if the car never sees a race track or auto cross course, used oil analysis can help prevent catastrophic failure in highly tuned street engines as well a classic cars. This is especially true in vehicles without a strong maintenance history.

While traditional oil analysis services can provide data, these traditional kits can take weeks to produce results. That delay in time reduces the value of the information, and as a result, many people “take their chances” by operating high value equipment without taking used oil samples. SPEEDiagnostix solves that problem.

PDF Download UOA Brochure SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis brochure (PDF)