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RND Engines

RND Engines Rebuild Service - 3.2l  engine for 00-02 Porsche Boxster S

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RND Engines Rebuild Service - 3.2l engine for 00-02 Porsche Boxster S


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SKU: 10-5240-106

Proven Industry Leading Repair Solutions by LN Engineering. No shortcuts or compromises.

- Plug & Play rebuild of your engine
- Includes Genuine IMS Solution and Nickies™ Cylinders

- Nickies Lite direct plating available on select models*
- 1y / unlimited mileage warranty*

*Nickies Lite uses direct plating process whereby cylinder ovality and taper can by restored to factory specs. Blocks with heavy scoring or cracks cannot be plated. Although blocks will be extensively pressure tested before and after plating, Nickies Lite does not come with 1y/12k warranty and are not warranted against cylinder failures outside defects in plating. Warranty applies only to street driven vehicles.

LN Engineering’s exclusive upgrades installed as standard in all RND M97/97 Rebuilt Engines:

NEW Genuine IMS Solution
NEW LN Engineering Nickies™ Cylinder Sleeves or Nickies Lite Direct Plating (select models
NEW LN Engineering Low Temp Thermostat
NEW LN Engineering Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
NEW LN Engineering Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter




All RND M96/97 engine rebuilds include:

  • NEW All Internal Gaskets and Seals
  • NEW Main Bearings
  • NEW Rod Bearings
  • NEW Camshaft Solenoids
  • NEW Camshaft Sprocket Bolts
  • NEW Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • NEW Hydraulic Exhaust Valve Lifters
  • NEW Forged JE Pistons and Rings
  • NEW Wrist Pins and Clips
  • NEW ARP Connecting Rod Bolts
  • NEW Reference Mark Sensor
  • NEW Camshaft Position Sensors
  • NEW Spark Plugs
  • NEW Knock Sensors
  • NEW Oil Cooler
  • NEW Oil Filler Pipe
  • NEW Oil Filter
  • NEW Oil Pressure Switch
  • NEW Oil Separator
  • NEW Oil Temperature Sensor
  • NEW Valve Cover Bolts
  • NEW Water Pump
  • NEW Crankcase Bolts
  • NEW Cylinder Head Bolts
  • NEW Timing Chains
  • NEW Timing Chain Tensioners

Professionally Rebuilt CYLINDER HEADS

RND cylinder heads benefit from years of experience with thousands of Porsche heads rebuilt by our specialists to date. 100% of components are tested, reconditioned, or replaced and feature multi-angle Serdi valve job, Viton seals, and critical surfaces are diamond milled, exceeding original manufacturer specifications.

Nickies™ Sleeves or NickiesLite Direct Plating

RND Engines are never just re-ringed or have single cylinder repairs as most engines are not suitable for rebuilding without re-sleeving. RND Engines exclusively use LN Engineering’s proven aluminum NSC-plated sleeves which exceed the strength and longevity of the original cylinders. Select engines can receive Nickies Lite direct plating process at a substantial discount.


RND Engine feature factory con rods rebuilt using ARP rod bolts, addressing common rod bolts failures.


RND Engines use only NEW or OE used cranks from engines that have not suffered any failure and meet strict RND standards. RND cranks are not cut to use undersize bearings that weaken the crankshaft. RND Engines only use Genuine Porsche bearings. All crankshafts are magnaflux crack checked and journals polished.


All engines are fitted with IMS Solution – the industry’s only permanent IMS fix – to prevent future IMS bearing failure.


LN Engineering rigorously inspects all intermediate shafts to verify runout , and the main IMS sprocket is pinned to prevent slippage of the IMS gear.


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