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Camper Special and Mountain Climber kits

Type 4 Store Camper Special Engine Rebuild Kits for VW Type 2 Bus and Transporter Models

LN Engineering's Type 4 Store offers exclusive engine rebuild kits for Porsche 914, 912E, and VW Type 2 Bus and Transporter models with the Type 4 engine. These kits were originally designed by Jake Raby's Aircooled Technology and have been improved over time to include upgrades like LN Engineering's Nickies cylinders, proprietary camshaft grinds, and the latest in cylinder head development. These are proven combinations that deliver on the performance and reliability you have come to expect from LN Engineering and The Type 4 Store. Do it right and build it once to last.

We know it's a big investment - we are here to help. If you have questions about any of our engine kits, please do not hesitate to contact our Type 4 specialist, Nicole. She can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM CST, by calling 815-472-2939 extension 102 or by opening a support ticket on our website 24/7.

Please note that engine kits do not come with recommendations for jetting or tuning. There are too many variables including exhaust, elevation, intake fuel system (fuel injection or carbs), climate, fuel, etc - all of which affect tuning. You’ll need a wide band o2 sensor to verify your jetting. Ideally you want your target AFR to be 12.8:1-13.2 under full throttle – part throttle and idle can be a bit leaner in the high 13s to low 14s. As far as timing, you can start with somewhere between 28-32 degrees full advance at 3500 rpm, but again, this isn’t a hard and steadfast rule. We would recommend going onto the shoptalkforums to see if anyone has a recommendations or you can refer to one of many carb tuning books that provide baselines to start with.