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IMS Lookup

IMS Lookup

Perform an online IMS Check and find out more about your Porsche's IMS bearing history to see if it has already been changed using LN Engineering's IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution intermediate shaft bearing replacements.

LN Engineering receives many requests from current and future owners of 1997-2008 911, Boxster or Cayman cars, inquiring about IMS bearing history in their cars. With our large, ever-growing database of IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution installations, we're often able to help, providing additional info such as bearing type, date of installation, mileage at the time of installation or even name of the shop / installer.

Found an LN Engineering IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution serial number sticker / tag on your pre-owned Porsche Car? Looking to buy a 1997-2005 996®, Boxster® or Cayman® and not sure if and when the IMS bearing was changed? In order to simplify the process and to serve the Porsche community and our customers better, we are introducing IMS Check - an online feature that allows you to verify your LN Engineering IMS product history based on its serial number, or even check if a particular Porsche car has been fitted with IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution, using the VIN number.



We estimate that less than 10% of all installations are ever registered with us, so chances are we do not have the specifics for your vehicle in our database. Even if we do not have a valid registration for a particular serial number, specifics as to when the kit was manufactured can be used to help determine possible suggested replacement interval if specifics about the installation are not available.

Likewise, it is possible if searching for an IMS registration by vehicle identification number that duplicate entries will come up. We only display and allow searching by the last six digits of the vin, so it is important to match up the vehicle model and year. If vehicle year, model, mileage, and vin do not all match up, the recorded entry we have on file is not for your vehicle.

As part of the pre-checks that should be carried out before any IMS bearing is pulled and replaced, the IMS pre-qualification procedure is used to determine if the engine is a good candidate for changing of the IMS bearing and that includes verifying that the original bearing has not failed. Once the bearing has failed, replacement is not possible. IMS bearing replacement should be part of regular scheduled maintenance on all Porsche Boxster and 911 vehicles (986 and 996 models).


Have you replaced your IMS bearing? Don't forget to register your installation with us.

After the replacement bearing has been fitted, the next step is to register your IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution installation with LN Engineering. This process starts by visiting the IMS Retrofit website and clicking on Register Your Kit at the top of the IMS Retrofit home page.


IMS Bearing Inspection

After the online portion has been completed, the registration card along with the used IMS bearing must be mailed to LN Engineering. The used bearing will be inspected and photographed as part of the registration process.

We do not always receive the original bearing or the supplemental documentation with all submitted registrations, however we do try to contact the installer or the vehicle owner in an attempt to collect this information. As a result, many of the registrations we receive are incomplete and not always reflected in the live results from the IMS bearing database . So please, send in your used bearing and all required information to allow us to complete your registration.

Is your IMS Retrofit bearing due for replacement? Want to upgrade your Porsche engine to the IMS Solution?

Existing IMS Retrofit users receive up to $300 in mail-in rebates with the purchase of a new IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution bearing replacement kit from LN Engineering.

Even if the IMS bearing has been replaced in your Boxster or 996, there are service intervals for bearing replacements that vary depending on what IMS kit was used. If your vehicle has been fitted previously with an IMS Retrofit and is due to have the IMS bearing replaced as part of scheduled maintenance, LN Engineering offers a discount to existing IMS Retrofit customers in the form of a mail-in rebate to receive an LN Engineering online store gift certificate valued up to $300. This rebate does not apply to new installations replacing the original Porsche IMS bearing. Visit for promotion details.