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Auto Verdi Billet GT3 Oil Pumps

Auto Verdi Billet GT3 Oil Pumps

Auto Verdi Billet Porsche GT3 Dry Sump Engine Oil Pumps

Auto Verdi Billet Porsche GT3 dry sump oil pumps offer more than just increased oil flow and pressure for your aircooled or watercooled Mezger Porsche engine. With lower internal friction losses, Auto Verdi billet Porsche GT3 oil pumps take less power away from your engine compared to factory GT3 oil pumps. Dyno tests have proven three to six horsepower gains over conventional oil pumps while still maintaining peak oil pump performance with superior oil delivery, oil scavenging, and crankcase vacuum to give your Porsche street or race engine a competitive edge over the competition.

What makes Auto Verdi Dry Sump Oil Pumps superior to all other Porsche oil pumps?

Auto Verdi offers 3 or 4-stage billet Porsche GT3 engine oil pumps for Mezger Porsche engines. Pressure stages are available in 30-34mm sizes featuring Auto Verdi's exclusive high-volume gear design. Scavenge stage sizes are 30mm and 35mm on the 3-stage version and feature 2 lobe rotors. 4-stage versions of Auto Verdi's Porsche GT3 oil pump have 30mm scavenge sections with 2 lobe rotors. All Auto Verdi Billet Porsche GT3 dry sump oil pumps have increased clearance for aftermarket connecting rods and strokes larger than 76.4mm. Auto Verdi's 4-stage oil pump requires block outlet o-ring boss modification and all Auto Verdi dry sump oil pumps for Porsche engines require case modification/clearancing depending on what engine case is being used, same as with factory Porsche GT3 oil pumps. Auto Verdi's 3-stage Porsche dry sump pump weighs 7.5 lbs and their 4-stage version comes in at 7.6 lbs.

The Auto Verdi Modular System

The Auto Verdi dry sump oil pump is based on a modular system that allows a custom-built pump that provides optimal engine oil flow and vacuum needs by combining different scavenge and pressure sections. Auto Verdi's Billet 3-stage Porsche GT3 dry sump oil pump for Mezger engines are designed as a direct replacement upgrade for the factory Porsche GT3 oil pump; Auto Verdi also offers a 4-stage version for the most demanding of aircooled and watercooled Porsche racing applications based on the Mezger engine.

Precision Made Using Aircraft Alloys

Auto Verdi billet dry sump oil pump housings and scavenge rotors are made out of aerospace quality aircraft aluminum alloys. The materials chosen by Auto Verdi allow for very tight tolerances without distortion, even under the most extreme operating conditions. These aluminum oil pump components are anodized before a friction reducing anti-wear PTFE-coating is applied.

Superior Durability

The pressure gears used by Auto Verdi are made out of the same quality steel used to make transmission gears. They are heat treated with hardened wear surfaces then precision ground, providing increased reliability and longevity, even in race conditions. Oerlikon's Balanit C coating is also applied to reduce friction and wear. Auto Verdi oil pumps have been proven in NASCAR to stand many 500-mile races without rebuilds and are trusted by top engine builders worldwide. The rigid construction of Auto Verdi's oil pumps makes them very durable in any kind of racing and are indeed the best dry sump oil pumps money can buy for your Porsche engine.

Coated Rotors for Friction and Wear Reduction

Auto Verdi custom manufacturers dry sump oil pumps to achieve preferred scavenge and vacuum levels. Auto Verdi's billet Porsche GT3 oil pumps utilize two-lobe rotors also used in their dry sump pumps used for NASCAR, endurance, road racing, and drag racing engines. Custom three-lobe and carbon fiber rotors are also available; all aluminum rotors are PTFE-Teflon ® coated for reduced friction and increased service life required for street Porsche Mezger engine builds.

About Auto Verdi

Auto Verdi was founded in 1988 by Stefan Verdi, originally fabricating connecting rods for racing engines. In 1996 Steen Skodborg joined the company as co-owner and head engineer where they also expanded the production line to include dry sump oil pumps. Auto Verdi takes great pride in their billet oil pumps with research, development, and manufacturing located in Dalarna, Sweden. Top engine builders rely on Auto Verdi's billet oil pumps worldwide with the first major championship win using an Auto Verdi oil pump was in 1998 with Paul Gentilozzi in the Trans-Am series. Other great championship titles include many consecutive wins in NHRA Pro Stock since 2002 and multiple NASCAR titles.