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Bilt Racing Oil Cooler Delete. For installing external oil cooler. Eliminates heat exchanger. M96/M97 only.

RND Engines RS Roller Bearing Kit

RND Roller Bearing IMS Retrofit kit is the only solution on the market that uses proper heat treated, 52100 bearing steel thrust surfaces on both sides and provides true thrust control integral to the bearing.

RS Roller Bearing KitT

Bilt Racing Oil Cooler Delete. For installing external oil cooler. Eliminates heat exchanger. M96/M97 only.


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Do you track your M96 or M97 powered Porsche Boxster, Cayman, or 911? Do you know how hot your oil is getting? We've documented oil temperatures of 270F+ in a 30 min DE session on a 80F day!

LN Engineering's parnter, Bilt Racing Service (BRS) is a full service race shop. Its services include full preparation and maintenance of Porsche race cars and custom roll cage manufacturing, as well as their own line of products and solutions for the Porsche and road racing community



Even with a deep sump and added oil, it's possible to cause severe engine damage or have a failure due to the oil becoming too thin and aerated. Aerated oil results in the AOS being overloaded, which can lead to oil ingestion into the intake, causing the engine to smoke or even hydro-lock! The problem is most modern engines use a water to oil heat exchanger as an oil-warmer for faster engine warmup. Since the oil temperature is directly proportional to coolant temperature, another band-aid is the addition of a 3rd radiator to the vehicle along with our low temperature thermostat. To solve this problem, deleting the oil to water heat exchanger and adding our oil cooler delete along with an external oil cooler will lower oil temperatures to a safe level. The adapter plate is machined for a -10 oring AN fitting and we supply -10 o-ring to -12 fittings. Inclusion of an external oil thermostat along with a thermostatic switch to trigger the fan on the oil cooler is recommended to ensure fast warm up and so the cooler doesn't see extreme oil pressures at star-tup that may cause damage in cold climates.


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