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IMS Bearing Installation Tools

The First and Original Boxster & 911 IMS Bearing Replacement Tools

As the original IMS bearing fitted to 986 Boxster and 996 911 models did not have a part number or service interval provided, there were no factory IMS bearing replacement tools or procedures available to allow for the servicing of the intermediate shaft bearing on Boxster and 911 vehicles. The IMS Retrofit replacement procedure and required tools to change your IMS bearing in a Boxster or 911 vehicle were pioneered by LN Engineering and Flat 6 Innovations, including the patented Faultless IMS Tool that allows you to install a dual row IMS bearing in place of the factory Porsche single row IMS bearing using an internal wire lock, similar to how the factory dual row bearing was retained.

All our IMS bearing replacement tools are designed for a lifetime of service and make sure that the job is done right every time. Be sure you have the right tool for the right job, as some IMS kits like the IMS Solution and Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit require additional tools for installation. It is important to have all the required IMS bearing replacement tools prior to carrying out any IMS procedure, as not locking the camshafts and crankshaft at TDC along with removal of the chain tensioners can cause severe engine damage. Always follow the intermediate shaft bearing replacement procedures specified for the product to be installed to prevent engine damage or failure.


LN Engineering M96 Faultless Tools IMS Bearing Replacement Removal & Installation Tool Kit - LN# 106-08.22


LN Engineering IMS Bearing Replacement Pro Tool Kit - LN# 106-08.13


LN Engineering M96/M97 IMS Bearing Replacement Supplemental Tool Kit for IMS Solution & MY06-08 - LN# 106-08.21


RMS and IMS Bearing Replacement Tools

Tool rental is only available with retail purchase of IMS Solution or IMS Retrofit through the LN Engineering website. To learn more, be sure to check out free IMS tool rental service offered with purchase of the IMS Solution, including the rear main seal RMS tool rental. Paid tool rental is available with purchase of the IMS Retrofit. Refundable security deposit will be returned once we receive the tools undamaged, complete and in working condition within the 30 day rental period. If you decide not to return the tools within 30 days, they're yours to keep. No further action is necessary.


IMS Pro Tool Kit 
 Supplemental Tool Kit 
M96 Faultess Tools IMS Tool Kit


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