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IMS Bearing Kits

IMS Bearing Kits

IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution Product Family

What is the Porsche IMS Bearing?

Many horizontally-opposed Porsche engines have used an intermediate shaft that is driven from the crankshaft via a timing chain. The camshafts are driven off of the intermediate shaft via timing chains as well. Up until the M96 engine, a pressure-fed plain bearing lubricated by engine oil was utilized. With the introduction of the Boxster in 1997, a sealed ball bearing was used on the flywheel side of the engine to support the intermediate shaft. A plain bearing fed pressurized oil from the oil pump was used on the opposite end.

How much does it cost to replace the Porsche IMS bearing?

On 1997 through 2005 models where the IMS bearing is serviceable, excluding parts bearing replacement usually takes 10 to 14 hours and depends on the model being serviced. Tiptronic 911 models require the engine and transmission to be dropped to facilitate replacement of the IMS bearing, so plan on extra expense with those models. Vehicles from model year 2006 through 2008 have a non-serviceable IMS bearing which should have the grease seal removed to allow the engine oil to properly lubricate the bearing.

Who can change my IMS bearing?

LN Engineering products are sold worldwide to independent repair shops and dealerships through authorized resellers. Professional installation is recommended. We do offer a list of Preferred Installers that are required carry out pre-qualification and register all installations. IMS Solution LLC maintains a Certified Installer list where shops are required to attend hands on training. Certified Installers are selected by invitation only. If you are located in the Chicago area, LN Engineering does offer IMS bearing replacement at our facility which is located one our south of downtown Chicago in Momence, IL.

What do you know about IMS Bearings?

Fact 1. The M96 and M97 Engine is wet sump - the IMS is submerged in oil. No forced oiling or direct oil feed is required for any ball or roller bearing when an open bearing is used.

Fact 2. Ceramic hybrid ball bearings only need 1cc of oil per minute.

Fact 3. The dual row bearings used in the Patented Single Row Pro and Classic Dual Row IMS Retrofit have load ratings equal to similarly sized cylindrical roller ims bearings.

Fact 4. A ball bearing was originally chosen by Porsche because of its ability to handle both axial and thrust loads evenly.

Fact 5. The IMS Solution is the only permanent fix that backdates your IMS to work like the IMS in an aircooled Mezger flat 6 engine.

Fact 6. With over 30,000 sold and installed since 2008, the IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution are trusted worldwide as the first and best ims replacement option.

Fact 7. To date, there are no confirmed failures of the dual row bearings used in the Single Row Pro or Classic Dual Row IMS Retrofit kits or of the IMS Solution.

IMS Retrofit. The First. The Original.

The IMS Retrofit™ and IMS Solution™ are registered trademarks of LN Engineering LLC - the original ceramic hybrid ball-bearing and only permanent oil-fed plain bearing replacement for the M96 / M97 engine - the only IMS kits trusted by hundreds of independent mechanics and used by dealerships worldwide. All other bearing replacements are just imitations.

All genuine LN IMS Retrofit kits come laser etched, engraved, and serial numbered to validate their authenticity and feature custom-made, ceramic hybrid ball bearings made exclusively for LN Engineering using Japanese 52100 bearing races, polyamide or steel cages, and genuine Cerbec sintered silicon nitride ceramic balls that are made in the USA.


Prevent costly engine failure by eliminating the problematic ball-bearing by backdating your IMS with a pressure fed oil lubricated plain bearing, just like in an aircooled Porsche. This patented design is the last IMS bearing you will ever need.

RND RS Roller IMS Retrofit: The only IMS roller bearing retrofit kit with true thrust control.

Cylindrical bearings provide great lateral load capacity, sacrificing their maximum load cap in thrust (axial movement). That’s why precise thrust control is crucial for bearing’s longevity and reliability. RND Roller Bearing IMS Retrofit kit is the only cylindrical roller bearing IMS fix on the market that uses a Genuine Koyo bearing featuring proper heat treated, 52100 bearing steel thrust surfaces on both sides to handle thrust load both fore and aft with increased number of roller elements for added load capacity. Manufactured by RND Engines for distribution by Pelican Parts (Retail) and SSF Imported Auto Parts (Wholesale).

IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution replacement bearing kits

Unsure of which IMS you have?

Visit for more information on your Porsche's IMS- click here.

Have an IMS Guardian?

The IMS Guardian was manufactured by Flat 6 Innovations. Replacement MCD drain plugs are available from Flat 6 Innovations.

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