FFA Connecting Rods

FFA Chromoly Steel Connecting Rods

For more than a decade, FFA has been manufacturing the highest quality precision engineered billet race components, from their Pro-series connecting rods to our dry sump oil pumps and injector assemblies. While other manufacturers attempt to dominate the market by mass producing their rods and selling them at cutthroat prices, FFA has taken a different approach. FFA is dedicated to continuously improving its connecting rods and other products by actively seeking out new technologies, processes, and stronger materials, thereby standing up to their promise of exceeding and outperforming the competition time and time again. Independent and thorough bench and field testing of both our alloys and finished product performed by FFA places the utmost importance in ensuring the best set of connecting rods money can buy. When other manufacturers can't or don't want to make a set of rods, FFA is the only company they recommend!


LN Engineering LLC is the exclusive worldwide distributor for the
FFA Billet Steel H-Beam & I-Beam Connecting Rods for Porsche® Engines


rrpro043 Porsche 911 models (i-beam and h-beam shown)
  1. Mil Spec Aircraft Quality Double Re-Melt E4340AQ Chromoly Steel
  2. NEW Exceeds 300M Specifications!
  3. Fully Machined Billet, Not Forged Surface Peened Through Hardened
  4. Cryogenically Treated Balanced within a Gram
  5. Aerospace Quality ARP Fasteners AMPCO 45™ Bushings
  6. Magnaflux Inspected and Rockwell Tested
  7. Dual Taper H Beam & Single Taper I Beam
  8. Precision surface ground to size big and small ends
  9. The difference is in the details.
  10. Unique "winged" design available.


Porsche 356 & 912 models Porsche 356 & 912 models


LN Engineering stocks FFA billet connecting rods for immediate delivery for most Porsche models: 2.0/2.2, 2.4/2.7, 3.0SC, 3.2/3.6 930/964, 993, GT3, 986/996 M96 and 987/997 M97, 996 Turbo, Cayenne S 4.5, 9A1 3.4/3.8 and 3.6


Most rods are in-stock for immediate delivery.

boxsterrod2 Porsche Boxster, Cayman, 911 (M96&M97)

FFA starts with the highest grades of E4340AQ Chromoly, exceeding the specifications of 300M steel which is then machined in state of the art CNC facility. Each and every connecting rod has been engineered for the ultimate balance of strength and weight, heat treated, cryogenically treated, triple tempered, shot-peened, quality tested, and then finally assembled with the finest ARP 2000, L19, and Custom Age 625 fasteners, precision honed, and balanced to industry specification, right out of the box.

fe The finite element analysis shows our "winged" design, which reinforces the weakest area of the rod in this case, at the rod bolt head shoulder.