Driven DCT fluid beats factory PDK fill in SWRI independent testing

The results are in from SWRI for the CEC L45 and D5481 testing of the new Driven DCT/PDK fluid versus the Audi/VW/Porsche Group factory fill fluid. The Driven product's viscosity is 4 times more stable than the factory fill product and it meets all of the clutch performance requirements, making it the best choice for both street and track in your Porsche vehicle.

Driven Synthetic DCT Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid provides the utmost track protection in wet and dry style dual-clutch transmissions, like the Porsche PDK and VW/Audi DSG.

Like all Driven transmission fluids, it is formulated with advanced synthetic base oils and tested to perform in extreme pressure and heat, while providing shift consistency. It is recommended for use in Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche PDK, Ferrari, Nissan GTR and other vehicles utilizing a dual-clutch transmission. The fluid is compatible with other lubricants designed for dual-clutch transmissions.

We recommend changing your PDK fluid/filter every 2 years or 24,000 miles along with your differential gear oil with Driven Go 75w90. Vehicles with track use will require more frequent changes to maximize transmission longevity.

With track use, a differential gear oil cooler as well a larger PDK side cooler will further extend gearbox life.

LN Engineering offers an over-sized oil to water heat exchanger that is easily plumbed into your existing cooling system that does not require extra fans or airflow for cooling. Used in all Bilt Racing Service builds.

Our universal fluid heat exchanger (cooler) can also be used as an engine oil or cooler for any other fluid as it's high capacity and high flow make it an excellent candidate for cooling. The mounting plate has multiple bolt holes to allow the user to fabricate custom mounts for any application.

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