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IMS Solution

Genuine IMS Retrofit - bearing replacement kits

Unique approach and design of the IMS Solution makes it the only permanent fix for problematic Intermediate Shaft - IMS - Bearing in Porsche ® M96 and M97 engines. By completely eliminating rolling elements, it backdates the IMS to plain, oil-fed bearing - a bulletproof solution used in aircooled engines, as well as in 911 GT2®, 911 GT3® and 911 Turbo® Porsche ® cars.

Additionally, included spin-on oil filter adapter uses a full-flow oil filters: with IMS Solution installed, 100% of engine oil is filtered (unlike in the factory cartridge-style filter with bypass).

Designed for the life of the engine, IMS Solution kits carry 5 year limited warranty with no mileage limit. No replacement / service interval is needed.

Genuine IMS Retrofit - bearing replacement kits

* 1997-1999 engines are equipped with dual-row bearing. 2000-2001 models can have either single- or dual-row bearing. 2002-2005 engines have a single-row bearing.

Genuine IMS Retrofit - bearing replacement kits

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