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RS Roller Bearing Kits

RS Roller Bearing Kits

The only IMS roller bearing retrofit kit with true thrust control

Manufactured by RND Engines and distributed in wholesale channels to independent repair shops exclusively by SSF Auto Parts, RS Roller Cylindrical Roller Bearing IMS Retrofit Kits sport a 2-year/24,000 miles limited parts warranty. Warranty is provided by SSF Auto Parts with professional installation (and bearing purchase from SSF) and when proper IMS procedure pre-qualification and registration procedures are followed. Recommended service interval 4 years or 50,000 miles.

Cylindrical bearings provide great lateral load capacity, sacrificing their maximum load cap in thrust (axial movement). The factory used a deep groove ball bearing for this reason. That’s why precise thrust control is crucial for bearing’s longevity and reliability. RND Roller Bearing IMS Retrofit kit is the only cylindrical roller bearing IMS fix on the market that uses a Genuine Koyo bearing featuring proper heat treated, 52100 bearing steel thrust surfaces on both sides to handle thrust load both fore and aft internally, along with an increased number of roller elements for added load capacity.

Other competitors make claims of being many times stronger than a ball bearing or that their patented thrust control is superior, but the RND Roller is the only kit that uses a bearing designed to handle these thrust loads with actual ratings you can verify and quantify as provided by the manufacturer of the NUP204E bearing supplied to RND by Koyo.

Unlike other commercially available cylindrical roller bearing IMS kits, the RND RS Roller does not require any oil system modifications, so there is no risk of compromising the intermediate shaft or oiling efficiency due to pressure losses. Additionally, the bearing uses positive retention via external snap ring or spiro-loc, where other bearings omit any method of positive retention.

Available for M96 engines originally equipped with single- and dual-row intermediate shaft bearing as an economical alternative to more costly ceramic hybrid bearings.

Why does LN Engineering offer a roller bearing IMS replacement?

SSF Auto Parts was receiving requests for a cylindrical roller bearing IMS kit from the shops they supply. Unhappy with existing commercially available roller bearing kits, they asked us to supply them a kit. In fact, we had previously developed a version that utilized a cylindrical roller bearing with thrust ring, but it never made it from testing to production for the primary reason that Porsche chose a ball bearing originally, not a roller. (As a side note, Porsche did release their own replacement for the problematic IMS bearing using a sealed ceramic hybrid ball bearing). This kit became the RND RS Roller IMS Bearing Retrofit kit.

How does the RND RS Roller Bearing compare to other ball or roller bearing replacements?

A deep groove ball bearing was the most cost effective solution to control thrust by the factory. The RND roller bearing kit sold by SSF Auto Parts use a custom expanded load capacity cylindrical roller bearing with integrated thrust control in both directions but costs dozens of times more than a common ball or roller bearing.

A deep groove ball bearing as currently used in the IMS Retrofit can take up to 50% of the dynamic load in thrust.
A traditional cylindrical roller bearing with thrust control can only take up to 10% of the dynamic load in thrust.
The factory single row 6204 bearing a dynamic load capacity of 2900# with thrust max load rating of 1450#
The NJ or NU204 cylindrical bearing has a dynamic load capacity of 3750# with thrust max load rating of 375#
The custom dual row ceramic hybrid bearings used in both the Single Row Pro and Classic Dual Row IMS Retrofit has a dynamic load capacity of 4000# w/ Thrust or 2000#.

Although the cylindrical bearing has 29% higher load capacity, in thrust it has only 26% of the capacity of the deep groove 6204 bearing. The special roller bearing supplied exclusively by RND Engines to SSF have integrated thrust control in both directions and 5800# dynamic load capacity with thrust 580# and no additional forced lubrication is required with the RND Roller kit.

So what type of bearing should I use?

Some mechanics prefer a roller bearing over a ball bearing, where some don't want to invest in the IMS Solution which is the only permanent IMS bearing solution available. We provide all the load ratings for ours and other manufacturer's bearings so you can compare the facts and make a decision as to which technology will work best for you.