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SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis

SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis

SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis: Preventing Failures Through Predictive Analysis

LN Engineering has teamed up with SPEEDiagnostix to provide our customers industry leading used oil analysis with the most accurate results - all with free standard shipping and the option for expedited used oil analysis to get your results back fast. Utilizing the same technology applied by Formula 1 teams, early detection of catastrophic failures can be prevented by using used oil analysis.

SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis combines modern analytical techniques with expedited processing to deliver valuable data to help determine the health of your engine or any other drivetrain component in a timely manner. Oil provides the cooling, cleaning, lubrication, and fluid power for many of these components, using used oil analysis to test these oils is just like having your doctor sample your blood to determine your health. The results provided by SPEEDiagnostix oil analysis allow you to make decisions based on facts, not speculation, to help you get the longest life from your components. Not using used oil analysis and taking your chances is like not going to your doctor for annual checkups.

 Although used oil analysis is critical for race cars, SPEEDiagnostix provides vital information for classic cars and even modern street cars that may never be autocrossed or tracked, especially those without a strong maintenance history. In as little as 3 days, SPEEDiagnostix solves that problem and provides critical insight to help you determine the health of your engine, transmission, gear box, power steering system, shock absorbers, or any other automotive fluids.

SPEEDiagnostix's mission is to help customers prevent catastrophic failures.


Who is SPEEDiagnostix?

For those of you unfamiliar with SPEEDiagnostix, the Speed family with their vast experience in the racing industry started their own service to fill the need for expedited expert used oil analysis. SPEEDiagnostix is a family business run by Lake Speed Jr.’s daughter, Caroline Speed.

The Speed name may ring a bell for some– Lake Speed Jr. has been involved in the racing industry for decades. His dad, Lake Speed, is a well known Nascar driver and the only American to win the World Karting Championship until 2015. Most recently, Lake Speed Jr. joined the team at Total Seal Piston Rings. Lake was previously with Driven Racing Oils where he developed all the oils we rely on for protecting our Porsche engines.

There are many labs that offer testing for less than SPEEDiagnostix but you are getting a whole lot less. Not only does SPEEDiagnostix use the RDE method that can see particles up to 10 microns compared to the ICP process used by popular labs that can only see up to 5 microns, they also include separate FTIR and GC tests for oil oxidation, fuel, and coolant – all tests not included in other labs standard test price.

Having your oil tested by SPEEDiagnostix through LN Engineering provides you access to experts who know Porsche engines – something other labs just don’t have.


Why do I need to do used oil analysis?

We know many of our customers are firm believers in used oil analysis. Those who have their oil tested regularly receive valuable trend data for the health of their engine that can be used to make intelligent decisions on what oil they use and how often they should change it. More importantly, used oil analysis is the only tool in your toolbox that can identify potential engine problems even before you have symptoms, preventing costly catastrophic engine failures.

How much does it cost to replace parts damaged by a catastrophic failure? Should the engine run another race? Is the oil OK to run another track day? When should I change my oil? For as little as $62.95 per sample, SPEEDiagnostix provides the ability to identify problems before they become catastrophic. SPEEDiagnostix provides data that answers these questions and more, and in a time frame that makes the data valuable. Saving one engine or transmission pays for a lifetime of used oil analysis kits. LN Engineering recommends testing your engine oil at every oil change to help collect trend data. This data provided on SPEEDiagnostix's detailed used oil analysis reports is critical to indentifying if and when you have a problem.

Top Porsche engine builders like Jake Raby's Flat 6 Innovations rely on SPEEDiagnostix for used oil analysis on every engine they build. From the first oil fill through the life of the engine, Flat 6 Innovations recommended doing used oil analysis at every oil change. Testing the initial break-in oil provides a baseline for what would be highest level of wear expected for that engine. After initial break-in, test results from used oil analysis for each subsequent oil change will have lower levels of wear metals and after a few oil changes, wear levels will stabilize. However, if you suddenly see a spike in wear above normal levels, that's an indication that you might have a problem. Used oil analysis will determine the composition of wear metals to help indentify the source of the wear and the severity of the issue.

However, used oil analysis isn’t just about wear metals. A complete oil analysis report also provides insight into the health of the oil itself, and that is why SPEEDiagnostix utilizes Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Some labs use Total Base Number (TBN) to estimate oil health, but TBN has been rejected as an accurate method by engine manufacturers such as GM and Cummins. FTIR provides a direct read on the Oxidation level of the oil as well as detecting contaminants such as fuel and anti-freeze. SPEEDiagnostix also employs a separate gas chromatography (GC) test to accurately measure fuel contamination. These tests and test methods are unique to SPEEDiagnostix and are included at no extra cost where other labs charge extra or don't even offer them.


What makes SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis different than other oil analysis companies?

Why should SPEEDiagnostix be your choice for used oil analysis? The answer begins with one word – equipment. The choice of analysis equipment directly impacts the resolution of the results with used oil analysis. At SPEEDiagnostix, we use the same analysis equipment that Formula 1 teams trust. While most labs use Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) spectrometers to analyze the wear metals, SPEEDiagnostix utilizes the Rotating Disc Electrode method. Why? Because the ICP method only detects particles smaller than 5 microns. In contrast, the RDE method detects particles up to 10 microns, which provides SPEEDiagnostix greater insight into the health of the equipment.

By utilizing the right tools for the job, SPEEDiagnostix delivers powerful insight into the health of both the oil and the equipment, but we don’t stop there. Most labs use a generic standard to set warning limits, typically based on averages of all the engines they test which doesn't always translate to your engine. In contrast, SPEEDiagnostix utilizes a proprietary standard built on over 10 years experience analyzing thousands of race engine samples, and SPEEDiagnostix applies statistical trend analysis to provide even more precise insight into your application.


How do you read the SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis report?

SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis provides an easy to read color coded report with the results for each item tested. Values marked in red indicate values outside the normal range requiring immediate action. Results marked yellow indicate borderline values and results marked green indicate acceptable values. This color coded system provides a clear visual indication of the health of the oil and of the equipment. If all the results are marked green, then you are good to go!

The SPEEDiagnostix report divides the results into two sections - Oil health and equipment health. The SPEEDiagnostix report goes a step further and even provides descriptions of the function of each oil additive, the possible source of each contaminant, and the probable source of each wear metal. These extra, interpretive keys make understanding the results easier, which improves decision making. The primary goal of the SPEEDiagnostix report is to help our customer prevent catastrophic failures by spotting areas of concern before they become catastrophes. The next goal of the SPEEDiagnostix report is to help customers achieve the lowest possible wear rate. The third goal is to help customers achieve the optimum oil life. The unique format of the SPEEDiagnostix enables customers to achieve those goals.



How do you properly pull a used oil sample for oil analysis?

For the used oil analysis sample results to be meaningful, the samples must be representative of the oil in the equipment. The method of taking the sample has a major impact on the quality of the sample. We have provided instructions here (and in the kits) that explain how to take a proper sample. Ideally, the sample should be taken from the same location and using the same method each time. Following these steps will ensure a quality sample and, therefore, quality results.

  • 1. Clean the area around the drain plug to remove possible contamination before taking sample.
  • 2. Take sample within 10 minutes of using the equipment. Allow the oil to drain for 5 seconds before collecting the sample using the supplied oil sample bottle.
  • 3. Only fill the sample bottle 3/4 of the way full to the top of the label on the bottle.
  • 4. Place the sample bottle in the plastic bag and seal.
  • 5. Create an account on the SPEEDiagnostix website and register your sample BEFORE mailing it in.
  • 6. Package up your sample bottle using the pre-paid and pre-addressed USPS mailer and drop off at the Post Office.



What are the benefits of using SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis?


  • 1. Expedited Processing allows you to know the health of the oil and vehicle components quickly.
  • 2. Wear metal analysis lets you know which parts are wearing and at what rate they are wearing.
  • 3. FTIR and GC tests with reporting for oil oxidation levels (more accurate than TBN) and more accurate reporting of coolant and fuel contamination
  • 4. Trend analysis with regular testing allows you to see small problems before they become big problems.
  • 5. Application specific diagnostics provide analysis standards based on your application.


SPEEDiagnostix and LN Engineering provide access to Porsche Engine Experts

We work hard to help our customers protect their investment by preventing catastrophic failures through predictive analysis and recommend SPEEDiagnostix exclusively for used oil analysis for their Porsche engines. With years of test results from Porsche engines, no one has more experience with used oil analysis on Porsche engines. By using LN Engineering and SPEEDiagnostix for used oil analysis, you have access to our collective knowledge and expert analysis to help you understand your test results.


What do the experts have to say about SPEEDiagnostix?

“In my experience with engine development, predictive oil analysis has become a very valuable tool. With established baselines for wear metals, viscosity, and contaminants, we can easily determine if a new engine is performing normally. Speediagnostix provides my company with an extremely fast turn around, expert commentary, and accurate results that can be trusted.” - Jake Raby, Flat 6 Innovations & Aircooled Technology.

“Today’s racing engines are about speed, performance, and durability. Engines must run engines longer to save money without compromising performance. Using SPEEDiagnostix, give us the confidence to run an engine again or know if there is something wrong with the engine. After just a few samples, SPEEDiagnostix can establish wear rate trends that enable you to an pin point issues if something happens. Let’s say you have a new trick oil or part, after running it once, SPEEDiagnostix can do a 3 day turn around, give you the results and you will know if the engine is good to go for the next race. Critical information to have when you trying to push the envelope every week.” - Mark Cronquist, Joe Gibbs Racing Engines


How can used oil analysis be used to identify cylinder bore scoring common to Porsche engines?

Owners of Porsche Boxster, Cayman, or 911 models with the M96 or M97 engine know bore scoring is a real problem. There are many ways to help extend the life of these engines and that starts with giving your engine a clean bill of health with bore scoping the cylinders and doing used oil analysis.

In engines with Alusil or Lokasil cylinders, used oil analysis can be used to detect elevated levels of wear metals associated with the Al-Si cylinder system. Alusil and Lokasil cylinders are not coated or plated - the aluminum matrix contains suspended silicon particles that are exposed using a special process. As the bores wear, silicon particles fracture and become suspended in the oil. When sufficient silicon particles have fractured, aluminum wear debris generated by the inability of the Al-Si cylinder system to support the loads of the piston and rings result in elevated aluminum and silicon levels in the engine oil. Used oil analysis can see these elevated levels as shown here.


Why should I do used oil analysis after every track event?

Going to the track is hard on your car. Many Porsche owners choose to run their cars with street oils on track and still change their oil based of time and mileage. Unfortunately, the additives in the oil do break down and will sheer out of grade, resulting in increased engine wear. Used oil analysis allows you to determine how well your oil and engine are holding up. Case in point, the sample below is from an aircooled Porsche 911 that was running fine with no symptoms, however the oil analysis shows there was damage to either the engine's connecting rod or main bearings as evidenced by the increased wear levels flagged by the SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis report below:

Even worse, some Porsche models including the Boxster, Cayman, and 911 from 1997 through 2008 have wet sump oil systems and can suffer from oil starvation and insufficient oil pressure for critical areas like rod and main bearings. With repeated low oil pressure events, engines can suffer from costly catastrophic rod bearing failures that cannot be repaired. By doing used oil analysis on a regular basis, increased levels of copper and lead can be detected well in advance of a complete failure.


Which SPEEDiagnostix oil analysis kits do I need?

When you are ready to really know the health of your engine, SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis kits come with everything you need for one fixed price. SPEEDiagnostix provides pre-paid oil testing along with pre-paid shipping from you to the lab. LN Engineering also offers free shipping on all SPEEDiagnostix kits that can be bundled with our Porsche oil change kits for additional savings.

All SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis kits include unique ID carton and sample bottles, non-latex nitrile gloves, instructions, and pre-paid and addressed USPS boxes and labels. Laboratory processing is pre-paid so there are no hidden charges. What you pay for the kit upfront is the total cost. All SPEEDiagnostix kits include spectrometal analysis, FTIR analysis, kinematic viscosity tests with all results conveniently located in a detailed sample report that includes reference standards and calculated wear rates. Trend data from prior oil testing will also be reported for comparison.

SPEEDiagnostix SDX-10001 Used Oil Analysis Kit


SDX-10001 SPEEDiagnostix Standard Used Oil Analysis Kit

The SDX-10001 used oil analysis kit provides one sample bottle and pre-paid outbound and inbound shipping, laboratory processing, reporting. Typical turnaround time on average is 5 to 6 business days.


SDX-10002 SPEEDiagnostix Expedited Used Oil Analysis Kit

The SDX-10002 used oil analysis kit provides everything including in the SDX-10001 kit but with expedited USPS Express Mail pre-paid shipping from you to the lab to get you the results approximately two days faster than the standard priority kit. Kits are shipped from LN Engineering to you via USPS Priority Mail.


SDX-10003 SPEEDiagnostix Double Used Oil Analysis Kit

The SDX-10003 used oil analysis kit provides standard processing with results in 5-6 business days with two sample bottles and one pre-paid shipping label to allow you to send both samples into the lab at one time for processing.


SDX-10004 SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis Shop 6-Pack Kit

The SDX-10004 shop kit provides six used oil analysis kits. This bulk pack comes with two USPS pre-paid and pre-labeled Priority Mail shippers to allow you to send in up to 3 samples at one time for standard priority processing (5-6 business days). By combining multiple samples into one shipment to the lab for processing, this kit helps to reduce the cost involved in performing used oil analysis on multiple vehicles.


SDX-10006 SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis Starter Kit with Sampling Pump

The SDX-10006 used oil analysis kit includes everything from the SDX-10001 kit as well as a sampling pump that can be used on vehicles with dipstick tubes. Using a sampling pump allows for collection of samples of used oil without having to drain the engine oil.


SDX-10007 SPEEDiagnostix Vacuum Sampling Pump

SPEEDiagnostix offers their vacuum sampling pump independent of used oil analysis kits. The SDX-10007 sampling pump allows you to collect used oil samples via the dipstick tube or oil fill tube.


SDX-10008 SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis Expedited 3-Pack

The SDX-10008 kit includes one pre-paid and pre-labeled expedited USPS Express Mail mailer along with three sample bottles to provide expedited processing for results in 3-4 business days.

PDF Download UOA Brochure SPEEDiagnostix Used Oil Analysis brochure (PDF)

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