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Watercooled Nickies

Watercooled Nickies

There are many considerations to make when planning to rebuild a Porsche M96, M97, 9A1, Turbo/GT3/Gt2 Mezger, or Cayenne S/Turbo engine. With thousands of Boxster, Cayman, and 911 engines fitted with Nickies since 2008, no one has more experience solving cylinder issues associated with Lokasil and Alusil engine blocks than LN Engineering.

Most engine builders re-ring engines after only doing a visual inspection of cylinder bores, rather than measuring the cylinders for ovality, taper, and surface finish. What's worse is that most shops don't have a profilometer or precision measurement devices to measure the bores for ovality and taper, as specified by Porsche. Even if the bores are round and in spec, surface finishes critical for proper ring break-in and longevity may not be. Re-ringing an engine with Lokasil or Alusil bores without properly inspecting and if required, reconditioning the bores, will result in engine failure.

If the bores do happen to be in spec, there is also the issue of other known modes of failure associated with Lokasil and Alusil engine blocks including, but not limited to d-chunk, cracking, and bore scoring failures. Nickies NSC (nickel silicon carbide) plated cylinder sleeves address all known cylinder issues with Lokasil and Alusil engine blocks featuring a super hard, durable, and low friction wear surface similar to Nikasil, providing superior performance trusted by OEMs for decades in performance engines worldwide.

Where direct plating of cylinder bores is not possible, sleeving is required to prevent future failures. However steel sleeves have their limitations, including increased friction, reduced cooling, and shorter service, when compared to LN Engineering's exclusive billet aluminum NSC-plated Nickies. Why risk using anything less than the best?

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