Borrow the required IMS and RMS Tools with IMS Solution kits purchase.

FREE for 30 days or yours to keep at deeply discounted price.


1. Add required tools to your IMS Solution kit before checkout. Shop IMS Solution kits.

2. You pay only a refundable security deposit: - $250 on IMS Installation Tools or $750 on IMS + Rear Main Seal installation Tool set. New Rear Main Seal is included!

3. You will receive the required tools along with your IMS Solution kit.

4. A prepaid return shipping label will be included. Keep the original packaging

5. Ship the tools back to us using the original packaging within 30 days of purchase date

6. We will refund your security deposit(s) incl. taxes to your original payment source once we receive the tools undamaged, complete and in working condition. Refund on the IMS + RMS tool set is $720 (cost of the Rear Main Seal is not refunded)

7. If you decide not to return the tools within 30 days, they're yours to keep. No further action is necessary.

Available tools:

1. IMS Solution Installation Kit.

Includes all tools required for instalation of IMS Solution bearing upgrade - 106-08.13 and 106-08.21

Security deposit: $250, fully refundable.

2. RMS Installation Tool.

Tool for installation of Rear Main Seal.

Only with IMS Tools rental - not available for rent separately

Includes new Rear Main Seal, $30 value

Security deposit: $750 (IMS + RMS Tool set), refund $720 (Rear Main Seal non-refundable).